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  • FAQ's

    Monday thru Friday:
    7:00am - 12:00pm
    2:00pm - 6:30pm
  • FAQ's at Wiggly Tails

    1. What are the daycare entrance requirements?
    2. What is your background?
    3. What about dog fights?
    4. Are all dogs kept together?
    5. Are the dogs left alone when playing?
    6. Where does my dog go to the bathroom?
    7. What if my dog fails the interview or is evicted from daycare?
    8. What if my dog is shy or sometimes growls?
    9. What is your boarding check-in/check out policy?
    10. What about food?
    11. What about water?
    12. Do I bring toys?
    13. What about collars and leashes?
    14. What about naptime?
    15. What if my dog is injured or gets sick?
    16. What is Kennel Cough, what do you do about it, and  can my dog get it?
    17. How old does my dog have to be to attend?
    18. How much time is my dog given to eat?
    19. How long are the playtimes for boarding dogs on the weekend?
    20. Can I call to check up on my pup?

    What are the daycare entrance requirements?   Top

    • Your dog must complete our interview process (by appointment only)
    • Must be non-aggressive toward people and other dogs and not toy protective
    • Must be current on all vaccinations
    • Puppies must complete Parvo Vaccine series and had first Rabies shot
    • Must be currently on heartworm medication as well as flea/tick prevention
    • Must be spay or neutered by 8 months of age
    • Must be in good health
    • Must come to daycare with a flat collar- no metal collars, chokes, or prongs
    • We accept all breeds and sizes

    What is your background?   Top

    We have been dog lovers are whole lives.  Cindy is an ABTA certified dog trainer.  Both of us have gained extensive knowledge of dogs over the years both by owning dogs and by attending several dog parks.  More than anything we just love dogs.  We live and work in this community and have a high level of commitment to our facility.

    What about dog fights?   Top

    The key is prevention. We do not accept aggressive dogs. Our thorough interview process screens for aggression. If an accepted dog exhibits unacceptable behavior, the dog is given a timeout and the owner is informed of the concern. We will then work with the owner to resolve the problem or the dog will be removed from daycare. Our staff is constantly watching for signs of potential fights. They use squirt bottles/leashes to interrupt rough play and then remove the offending dog. The dog who ends up with the nicked ear, pulled hair, or puncture is usually the aggressor. Many owners are surprised to hear that their dog's behavior is very different when they are not around.  Remember, dogs are not playing monopoly at the daycare. They are running, playing, and wrestling with teeth and claws like all normal dogs do.  As a result, minor nicks and scratches can occur.  However, no aggressive wrestling or playing will be tolerated.

    Are all the dogs kept together?   Top

    Sometimes yes and sometimes no - It depends largely on what dogs are here, the number of dogs, and the weather. We put the comfort and safety of your dog above all else!

    Wiggly Field is our huge 1/2 acre outdoor yard that is covered with artifical turf. Our outside area can be also divided into a general play area and a little dog area. Dogs all love being outside and so do we, on nice days don't expect to see us playing inside!

    The main play areas inside have the ability to be divided into sections as well.

    Pico's Place is our room for very small and/or very shy dogs.

    Roscoe Village is where we group small/medium dogs as well as a few large dogs. These rooms are primarily for dogs who have a more easy going temperament.

    Jesse's gym is where the large and energetic dogs are grouped.

    Are the dogs left alone when playing?   Top

    The dogs are constantly supervised.  Inappropriate play is stopped and good behavior is rewarded. The staff keeps the dogs safe, clean and well cared for.  The human to dog ratio is dependent on the personalities and temperments of our canine guests.  If we have a lot of high strung labs then we will keep a lower ratio of around 1:15.  If we have a lot of small dogs or laid back older dogs then the ratio will be higher- around 1:20.  Absolutely at no time will your dog be left alone.

    Where does my dog go to the bathroom?    Top

    We have a designated pea gravel potty area. However, dogs being dogs, they don't always go in their designated spots. All dog pies are picked up immediately and disposed of properly. You don't want to smell dog doo and neither do we!!!! We disinfect the entire yard regularly as well as all the play equipment.

    What if my dog fails the interview or is evicted from daycare?   Top

    This can happen but it's not the end of the world.  We do what's best for all our dogs. If your dog fails the interview, it doesn't mean we don't love your dog. This unique environment may just be too overwhelming.  Also, some dogs may just need a little training and socialization before coming to daycare.

    What if my dog is shy or growls sometimes?   Top

    Complete the interview process.  If your dog doesn't pass the first time, we suggest a training class or even more time at a dog park to help teach more appropriate dog-to-dog interactions. If your dog is shy, don't worry. All first timers go through an orientation process so they can meet all the dogs in small groups. This helps them adjust. Try a half day to keep your dog's stress level low. Give your dog a couple of really good treats on your way in the door. Don't act nervous, or your dog will become even more nervous.   If you are planning on boarding, a minimum of 1/2 day of daycare is required but we encourage as many days as possible so that your dog can get adjusted before their long stay.

    What is your boarding check-in/checkout policy?   Top

    You can drop your dog off anytime during weekday business hours (7am-6:30pm, closed between 12-2pm) but we would encourage you to bring your dog at least a couple of hours before we close so that he/she may get a little time to acclimate to his/her new environment. Weekend pick up and drop off times are 9-10am and 4-5pm. There is an additional charge of $20.00 for those who are dropped off in the morning (between 7am-12pm weekdays and 9-10am weekends) and pick up in the afternoon (between 2-6:30pm weekdays and 4-5pm weekends) since your dog has been with us for almost another day.

    What about food?   Top

    For overnight guests, it is required that you bring your dog's food broken up by meal into individual bags. Please clearly write your dog's name on each bag. While we have house food, this is only to be used for "emergency" feedings. If you do not bring food there is a charge per feeding for house food OR you may purchase a bag of food from our store.

    For dogs that eat canned food please write your dog's name on the side of each can.

    For dogs that get both kibble and canned food please bag the kibble individually and write your dogs name on the side of each can. We will combine the foods at feeding times.

    For specialized diets please call ahead.

    For daycare dogs, if you wish for your dog to have lunch, please bring it in a marked bag. Dogs are not given anything except for the periodic dog biscuit. Most dogs do fine without lunch but it is your choice. There is no food allowed in the play area so all dogs are separated to eat. There is no charge for feeding your dog your food while at Wiggly Tails.

    What about water?    Top

    There is water available at all times to all dogs. We have several  water bowls set up all over the daycare which are resupplied constantly and sanitized several times a day.

    Do I bring toys?    Top

    Do not bring toys. We have toys of every shape and size. All our toys must remain neutral to avoid possessiveness.

    What about collars and leashes?    Top

    All dogs must have a flat nylon collar on as well as be on leash to enter the daycare.  You can take your leash with you or leave it with us.  No metal collars, choke collars, or prong collars are allowed for safety reasons.

    What about naptime?   Top

    All dogs are given a 2 hour naptime from 12-2pm. We lock the front doors. No drop offs or pickups are allowed. We require a break in order to make sure our canine companions don't over do it and have energy for the afternoon.

    What if my dog is injured or gets sick?   Top

    If this occurs, you will be notified immediately if the problem is severe. If the problem is minor, you will be notified upon pickup.  If vet care is needed, we will transport your dog to your own vet. You will need to call your vet to give them permission to begin treatment. All medical costs will be assumed BY YOU. Please refer to the OWNER AGREEMENT for more details.  Remember that even normal dog play may result in some type of injury.  It is not a common occurrence but it can happen.  Just like a child can fall and trip during recess and bust out a tooth.  It just may happen.  All injuries and illnesses are prevented to the BEST of our ability.  We love all dogs and have dog proofed our facility as well as any facility can be.

    What is kennel cough, what do you do about it, and can my dog get it?   Top

    Canine infectious tracheobronchitis (also known as kennel cough, although this is misleading) is one of the most prevalent infectious diseases in dogs. Fortunately, the majority of cases are not serious, resolving on their own in 1 to 2 weeks . The main cause of kennel cough is the airborne bacteria, Bordetella bronchiseptica. A dog with Canine Cough will develop a coarse, dry, hacking cough about five to ten days after being infected. It sounds as if the dog needs to "clear it's throat" and the cough will be triggered by any extra activity, drinking water, exposed to change of temperature or exercise, and pressure on the neck or collar area. Many dogs that acquire Canine Cough will cough every few minutes, all day long. They will wretch and sometimes vomit a white foamy looking matter. Their general state of health and alertness are usually not affected, they usually have no rise in temperature, and do not loose their appetite.

    Even in the most hygienic, well ventilated, spacious dog facilities, the possibility of a dog acquiring Canine Cough exists. Canine Cough can be acquired from your neighbor's dog, from a Champion show dog at a dog show, from the animal hospital where your dog just came in for treatment of a cut paw, from the sidewalk where an infected dog walked earlier, or even just in your own backyard... Try not to blame anyone or any place if your dog develops Canine Cough. There may have been an infected dog, unknown to anyone, that acted as a source for other dogs. The signs of Canine Cough usually will last from 7 to 21 days and can be very annoying for the dog and the dog's owners. If you suspect your dog has canine cough, isolate your dog and visit your veterinarian for medical advice. Usually antibiotics are prescribed to treat any secondary infections that may occur with the virus, but they do not attack the virus itself. First and foremost, isolate your dog. Do not take your dog to public places in order to prevent the spread of infection. If your dog has recently been to dog school, boarding or any other place where your dog was exposed to other dogs, notify the proper individuals to advise that your dog is coughing.

    You don't need to isolate your dog to prevent infection. The best recommendation is to discuss with your veterinarian what combination of vaccines and boosters they recommend. Many dogs that contract Canine Cough will display only minor signs of coughing that may last seven to ten days and will not require any medication at all. Treatment is generally limited to symptomatic relief of the coughing with non-prescription, and occasionally prescription, cough suppressants. If the dog is running a fever or there seems to be a persistent and severe cough, antibiotics are occasionally utilized to assist the dog in recovering from Canine Cough. It can happen that secondary bacterial invaders will complicate a case of Canine Cough and prolong the recovery and severely affect the upper airway. Therefore the use of antibiotics is determined on an individual basis. Follow the advice and course of treatment that your veterinarian has prescribed. Don't allow your dog to exercise as this will trigger the cough.

    At Wiggly Tails, our knowledgeable staff is always looking for signs of illness in any of our dogs. Coughing dogs are immediately removed from the facility. When canine coughs arrives in our community, we will notify owners by placing a notice in our office. All facilities get canine cough from time to time. Colds go around just like in child daycare. Thankfully due to our extensive cleaning protocol, our superior ventilation, and thorough vaccination checking program.....we are able to minimize the risk at our facility.   Outbreaks are usually limited to once a year.  Would you isolate your child to prevent a cold?  No, socialization and schooling is just as important for our dogs as our children.

    How old does my dog have to be to attend?   Top

    All dogs must be at least 5 months or older to attend our facility. This will ensure that the dog(s) have built up a proper immune system to join the play group.

    How much time is my dog given to eat?   Top

    Breakfast and dinner your dog is given 30-60 minutes to eat and digest his/her food. Lunch is served at the start of naptime. Since some dogs like to "graze" feed we will leave their food in their kennel overnight unless you specifically tell us not too.

    How long are the playtimes for boarding dogs on the weekend?   Top

    On Saturday, our overnight guests are out with the daycare dogs for about 8 hours. On Sunday our hotel guests have 7 hours of play.

    Can I call to check up on my pup?    Top

    You bet! Call as often as you like! We also will email you a report card every night to let you know who your dog played with, eating and bathroom habits, as well as general comments from the pack leaders.

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